Dreamcatchers and Rivets Bracelets

The Dreamcatchers and Rivets turquoise single medallion is the best-selling piece for Big Wrist Bracelets. That’s because it’s simple, it’s unobtrusive, it’s easy to wear and it’s unusual.

Think Western. Think just a bit of bling. Think a good-looking, easy-to-wear bracelet that fits your larger wrist. A big wrist bracelet that stays in place on your wrist, it doesn’t twist around. Ever.

Why Rivets and the Wild West?

Most of us have some connection to the Wild West. We may have grown up on a farm or ranch or spent part of our summers at Grandma’s place. Or maybe our only exposure to the West was with Wagon Train, or RifleMan, or Bonanza.. What about Yellowstone? or Deadwood? We all have some connection to the west.

Isn’t Dreamcatchers cultural appropriation?

If I said this was my idea, then it would be. But it’s cultural homage, and a sign of respect, that we bring these life-enhancing elements into our days.

Dreamcatchers caught our imagination and have stayed there. It’s a gift from the Ojibwe First Nations to us, this legend of filtering bad dreams, protecting us from evil and negativity, so we can sleep easy.

I make the dreamcatchers. I start with silver-filled wire, make the little ( tiny little) rings, and ‘weave’ them together, creating the dreamcatcher. The dangles actually do mean something, too. The turtle ( although it’s a sea turtle, not a land turtle..) nods to Turtle Island. With respect. There are chips and beads the same color as the rivet focal.

The feathers. Feathers in the First Nations culture are deeply revered —  the feather symbolizes high honor, power, wisdom, trust, strength, and freedom. As such, feathers are seen as gifts from the sky.

It doesn’t hurt to keep these powerful talismans close at hand as we walk through our days.

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